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Company News About X-mas tree in oil&gas
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X-mas tree in oil&gas

Latest company news about X-mas tree in oil&gas

The function of the wellhead equipment is to suspend the oil pipe and seal the annular space of the oil casing. The most basic parts of the wellhead equipment are the tubing head (casing tee or cross), tubing tee and sealing box. In addition, it also consists of production valves, back pressure valves, vent sampling valves, oil casing connection valves, etc., and is equipped with oil pipe and casing pressure gauges to observe oil casing pressure.

latest company news about X-mas tree in oil&gas  0

1. The Xmas tree
Wellhead device, commonly known as "Xmas tree", is one of the most important and common equipment for oil, gas and water wells, and is the main equipment for controlling and regulating oil well production. Its main functions are:
(1) The weight of all the tubing strings in the suspended tubing and supporting well;
(2) Seal the annular space between oil and casing to control casing gas;
(3) Control and regulate oil well production;
(4) Daily management such as recording oil, sleeve pressure data, testing, wax removal, etc.;
(5) Ensure the smooth progress of underground operations such as well cleaning, sand flushing, acidification, and fracturing.