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About drill stem

Latest company news about About drill stem

The drill string stands as a vital element in the extraction process for oil and gas exploration and various drilling operations,. Composed by a series of interconnected components, the drill string serves as the conduit for transmitting the drilling force and torque from the surface rig to the drill bit deep below the Earth's surface. This article delves into the crucial components of the drill string, highlighting their individual functions and collective significance in successful drilling endeavors.


The drill stem main includes kelly, drill pipe, drill collar, HWDP, various drilling subs and drilling stabilizers.

Drill pipe is at the forefront of the drill string, directly below the drill pipe lie the drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe(HWDP) sits between the drill pipe and drill collars, drill bit is at the lowermost of the drill string.


Puyang Zhongshi Group always supply drill collars(slick drill collars and spiral drill collars), HWDP and drilling stabilizers with competitive rate. Welcome your inquiries.


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