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Company News About API 11AX downhole SRP for oil well
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API 11AX downhole SRP for oil well

Latest company news about API 11AX downhole SRP for oil well

The suck rod pumps can be set into wells in sequence as follows: barrel is run down to the setting depth on the tubing and then plunger with the standing valve on the rod string. For tubing of same diameter, tubing pumps are always of larger capacity than insert pumps. The tubing pump is simple in structure and applicable for wells not too deep and of higher production rate.

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Main parts process and material:


Pump barrel: plain carbon steel plating (A1), ordinary carbon steel carbonitriding (B1), ordinary carbon steel carburizing (B2), low alloy steel nitride (B5).

Plunger: 1045 steel spraying (B1), 1045 steel spraying (B2), 1045 steel chrome plating (A1), 1045 steel double chrome plating (A2).

Valve ball and seat: stainless steel (A1), cobalt chromium (B2), tungsten carbide (C1), nickel and carbon compounds (C2), titanium carbide (C3).

Other accessories: plain carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, brass and other materials.

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Type Model

Pump Diameter


Plunger length


Bushing length


Connection Tubing OD




Tubing Pump

20/25-106TH 28.5(1.1/8) 0.6(2)-2.1)(7) 3.3(11)-9.5(31) 60.3(2.3/8)-73.0(2.7/8)