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Company News About casing head
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casing head

Latest company news about casing head

1. Main characteristics and classification of casing heads
Casing head, also called coupling head, is an important wellhead device. It is mainly composed of casing joint, environmental protection body, packing body and sealing gasket. The main function of the casing head is to connect the casing and make it tightly fixed on the wellhead device, thereby protecting the casing, preventing the wellhead mud from flowing back, and controlling the oil and gas flow.
According to different structures and functions, casing heads can be divided into many types, such as ordinary casing heads, press-lock casing heads, bimetal casing heads, hot-insertion casing heads, hanging casing heads, etc. Among them, the pressure-locked casing head is currently the most widely used. It uses special pressure mechanics principles to form a special pressure connection between the casing and the wellhead device, thus ensuring the sealing and stability of the casing. sex.

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2. The importance of casing heads in oil exploration and development
As mentioned above, the casing head plays a vital role in oil exploration and development. It not only protects the casing, prevents wellhead mud backflow, controls oil and gas flow, etc., but also improves oil and gas production efficiency and reduces production costs. Therefore, in petroleum exploration and development, the selection, installation and maintenance of casing heads are very important tasks.
In terms of casing head selection, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the type of wellhead device, working environment, working pressure, oil and gas production and other factors to select the most suitable casing head. In terms of installation and maintenance of casing heads, it is necessary to strictly follow relevant standards and specifications to ensure the sealing and stability of the casing heads.