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Company News About Casing head
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Casing head

Latest company news about Casing head

The function of casing head
1. Hang part or all of the weight of each layer of casing except the surface casing through the hanger;
2. Form a pressure seal between the inner and outer casing strings;
3. Connect wellhead devices such as blowout preventers;
4. Provide an outlet to release the pressure that may accumulate between the two sets of pipe strings;
5. In an emergency, fluid, such as well killing fluid or fire extinguishing agent, can be pumped into the well through the side hole of the casing head;

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Casing head structural characteristics and sealing principle
The casing head is mainly composed of bottom casing head, casing hanger, casing head spool, valve and other components.
The casing head seal consists of the casing head body, BT-shaped rubber sealing ring, casing hanger, dovetail-shaped rubber sealing ring, top wire V-shaped sealing ring, and sealing gasket ring.