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Company News About casing head
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casing head

Latest company news about casing head

Characteristics of casing head

The casing connection can be either threaded or slip-connected, and hanging the casing is fast and convenient;

The casing hanger adopts a rigid and rubber composite sealing structure, and a metal seal can also be used to enhance the sealing performance of the product;

It is designed with a wear-proof sleeve and a pressure test removal tool to facilitate the removal of the wear-proof sleeve and the pressure test of the casing head;

The upper flange is designed with pressure testing and secondary grease injection devices;

The valve configuration on the side of the casing head is designed according to user needs;


The function of casing head

The casing head is installed at the upper end of the surface casing string. It is used to hang all layers of casing other than the surface casing and to seal the wellhead device components of the casing annular space. Its main functions are as follows:
1. Hang part or all of the weight of each layer of casing except the surface casing through the hanger;
2. Connect wellhead devices such as blowout preventers;
3. Form a pressure seal between the inner and outer casing strings;
4. Provide an outlet to release the pressure that may accumulate between the two sets of pipe strings;
5. In an emergency, fluid, such as well killing fluid or fire extinguishing agent, can be pumped into the well through the side hole of the casing head;
6. Special operations: a. If the cementing quality is not good, cement can be replenished through multiple side holes. b. During acid fracturing, pressure balancing fluid can be injected from the side holes.


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