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Company News About Casing Pipe Torque Ring for Oilfield
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Casing Pipe Torque Ring for Oilfield

Latest company news about Casing Pipe Torque Ring for Oilfield

In Henan, China, on Sep 01, 2023, Puyang Zhongshi Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge oilfield equipment, is thrilled to introduce its latest breakthrough product – the Torque Ring. Designed to revolutionize torque transmission in drilling operations, this innovative solution sets new standards for efficiency and performance. As an esteemed original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Puyang Zhongshi Group takes pride in delivering superior products with a competitive edge in both service and pricing.

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 Casing Pipe Torque Ring for Oilfield


The torque ring is a tool to help the casing pipe to run, rotated and reciprocated at a greater torque value without the risk of thread damage.


Features of Torque Ring:

A. Manufactured to API specifications with P-110 rated steel (or greater) in a variety of sizes to match the customer’s casing specifications.
B. Quickly and easily installed on location prior to the job without having to compress the ring into the collar that would cause strength and quality degradation.
c. Easily removed without damaging the pipe giving the customer the freedom to decide when they would like to use the torque rings.

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The Torque Ring represents a significant advancement in the industry by addressing challenges related to torque transfer between drill pipes during drilling activities. By offering enhanced load-bearing capabilities and minimizing energy losses, our state-of-the-art Torque Rings enable operators to maximize drilling speed while reducing downtime caused by torque-related issues.

At Puyang Zhongshi Group, we prioritize quality throughout the manufacturing process. Our dedicated team of experts utilizes advanced technologies at our modern production facility to ensure that each Torque Ring meets rigorous industry standards. The result is a durable, reliable product capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions encountered within oilfields worldwide.

One key aspect that sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction across diverse regions globally. With extensive expertise serving clients operating within Russian-speaking territories, Middle Eastern markets, as well as various other locations worldwide, we deliver tailored solutions designed specifically for their unique needs. Our responsive customer service teams provide prompt support and technical assistance whenever required.

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"We are excited about introducing the game-changing Torque Ring," said David Lee, spokesperson for Puyang Zhongshi Group. "Our focus on innovation has empowered us to develop an exceptional solution that enhances operational efficiency while ensuring cost-effectiveness."

In addition to catering to global markets spanning different geographical locations, another advantage offered by Puyang Zhongshi Group lies in its highly competitive pricing structure without compromising on product quality or reliability. This approach has fostered long-standing partnerships with industry-leading companies seeking top-notch Torque Rings at competitive prices.

As a forward-thinking manufacturer, Puyang Zhongshi Group remains committed to ongoing research and development efforts aimed at introducing cutting-edge technologies and improving product performance. By staying ahead of industry trends and customer demands, we continuously strive to exceed expectations and deliver the highest level of service.


For more information about Puyang Zhongshi Group and our innovative Torque Ring solution, please visit our website at