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Company News About Cementing head inspection
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Cementing head inspection

Latest company news about Cementing head inspection

The cement head is a very important device in cementing operations, it may affect the cementing quality. Therefore, the cement head needs to be tested after leaving the factory. What should the cement head be tested for?


(1) Dimensional inspection of cement head

The first thing to test is whether the size of the cement head is qualified. There are many types of cement heads, and each type of cement head has many sizes, so it is very necessary to test the size of the cement head.

There are two main purposes for testing the size of the cement head after it is produced:

-one is to check whether the size of the cement head meets the specified standards;

-the second is to check whether the size of the cement head is the size required by the customer.


(2) Detection of cement head connecting threads

The thread inspection should according to the inspection standards. Different types of cement head have different thread inspection standards. If other forms of connecting threads are used, other inspection standards need to be used.


(3) Inspection of the overall sealing performance of the cement head

The sealing performance test of the cement head is also one of the very important testing contents. It mainly uses clean water to conduct the sealing performance test to see whether the test pressure meets the sealing test pressure regulations. The rotating cement head is also used for rotation performance testing.


(4) Cement head material testing

In addition to the above inspections of cement heads, the materials of stressed parts must also be inspected. The main inspection contents include tensile strength testing and hardness testing of metal materials used in parts subjected to tensile loads, and parts subjected to impact loads. The metal materials used are tested for impact energy absorption, etc.

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After the inspection of the cement head is completed, a mark needs to be placed on the obvious position of the cement head, including product model, working pressure, manufacturer name or registered trademark, product number and date of manufacture, etc.


Strict testing,meets the standards and customer standards, and the market is the only criterion for testing products. Puyang Zhongshi Group has more than 20 years of experience in producing cementing accessories, and its products sell well at home and abroad.