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Company News About Double plug cementiing head
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Double plug cementiing head

Latest company news about Double plug cementiing head

Cementing heads are used during Stage Cementing operations or when Stage Collar cementing plugs or conventional top and bottom cementing plugs are to be used. They are available in Single or Double Plug container configurations.


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Features & Benefits:


1. It is suitable for high pressures due to its compact structure and reasonable design. It is made of high strength alloy steel.

2. It consist of Union type of quick-latch Joint at the bottom of the double plug cement head for easy and casing to connect.

3. Internal Pressure balance is achieved as cement head Body I.D. is greater than cementing plug diameter

4. Cementing Heads are available in a wide range of working Pressures from 3,000 psi to 10,000 psi.



1. Plug release Plunger Assembly. Ø

2. Quick-Latch Joint. Ø

3. Manifold, Downward union. Ø

4. Integral Plug Valve. Ø

5. The cement heads are available in sizes 3-1/2” through 20”.


Puyang Zhongshi Group produce casing cementing equipments, such as float collar, float shoe, cementing heads and stage cementing collars etc. Welcome your inquiries!