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Company News About Drill Collar
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Drill Collar

Latest company news about Drill Collar

Drill Collar


Drill collar is a component of a drill string, which places weight on the drill bit and pump drilling fluids. Drill collars are the integral thick-walled tubular pieces machined from steel solid bars, they are screwed together along with other downhole tools to make a bottom hole assembly (BHA).


Drill collars’ material is AISI 4145H modified steel, nonmagnetic nickel-copper alloy or other nonmagnetic premium alloys.Production standard is API Spec. 7-1.


Our drill collars are slick type and spiral type. Spiral drill collars have grooves machined on the outside surface that promote the even flow of drilling fluid around the drill collar diameter, equalizing pressure and reducing the occurrence of differential sticking.


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