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Company News About Non-magnetic drill collars
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Non-magnetic drill collars

Latest company news about Non-magnetic drill collars

  Non-magnetic drill collars are also called Non-mag drilling collars, which is an essential part of the bottom hole assembly (BHA) in drilling operations. They are constructed from non-magnetic materials, which is a special type of stainless steel that maintains its mechanical properties while exhibiting minimal magnetic permeability.

  Non-mag drill collars are used extensively for directional drilling and horizontal drilling to enhance the accuracy of downhole measuring tools (such as Measurement While Drilling- MWD, and Logging While Drilling- LWD) can be negatively impacted by magnetic interference. In operations, the non-mag collar plays a similar role to standard drill collars: it provides weight on bit and stiffness to the drill string.


  Besides normal drill collars, Puyang Zhongshi Group supply Non Magnetic drill string components is based upon extensive in-house experience both in metallurgy and precision manufacturing. Welcome your inquiries for drill string.


Non-magnetic forged bars before production:

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Finished non-magnetic drill collars:

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Thread part photo of our non-magnetic drill collars

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