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Company News About Ream Shoe
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Ream Shoe

Latest company news about Ream Shoe

Ream Shoe


In any wellbore that is expected to have serious obstruction problems, such as horizontal wells and extended reach wells, the use of drilling guide shoes can achieve good results and lower the casing (tail pipe) to the bottom.


(1) Reamer Shoes are composed of aluminum eccentric toe cap and body.

The scraping function of its aluminum drillable eccentric guide head can remove obstacles in the well, and is particularly good at removing low-side debris in horizontal wells.

The low-side debris is dominated by the loose rock formations of the Tertiary Guantao Formation

Horizontal wells are a very common problem.

Aluminum eccentric guide toe body (connected to the casing line)

The aluminum eccentric guide toe can bypass and clear obstacles in the well.
(2) The guide head is made of aluminum alloy and is drillable. Moreover, some small honeycomb holes are pre-set inside it, so that when it is drilled, the drill cuttings are broken into pieces without forming filaments that can wrap around the drill bit.

Not only that, a pilot hole is also designed in the middle to guide the drill bit to find the center quickly.

This feature makes the drilling guide shoe easily drilled out by the next drill bit.
(3) A one-way float valve can be installed in the eye-drawing shoe to make it function as a floating shoe.
(4) The end of the eye-catching guide shoe body can be processed into various buckle types according to the customer's casing, so as to be directly connected to the customer's casing or tail pipe.

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