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Company News About spray-welded plunger
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spray-welded plunger

Latest company news about spray-welded plunger

The spray-welded plunger of SRP is equipped with a Monel joint (nickel copper alloy joint), which can more effectively resist the corrosion of the plunger by the corrosive solution in the oil well. There are two connection methods between the Monel joint (nickel copper alloy joint) and the plunger body, threaded connection and friction welding connection.

The available materials and surface treatment processes are recommended under the three principles of equal service life, pump barrel failure first, and plunger first failure. Combining with the electron microscope observation and analysis of the surface after friction welding wear, it is considered that the carbon steel nickel-phosphorus plating is used for the pump barrel and carbon The friction pair composed of chrome-plated steel or carbon steel sprayed and welded as a plunger is an ideal matching and grinding combination

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Besides the sucker rod pump,we still have other products in production,such as couplings, sucker rod, cementing tools …etc. Of course, if you have any special requirements or OEM service required, please feel free to let us know

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Puyang Zhongshi Group is the manufacturer with API certificates approved over 20 years in China, mainly in Cementing tools, Centrifugal Pump, Sucker Rod Pump,pup joint&coupling etc. If you have any requirements, please send us email or call us +86 029 89296933