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Company News About sucker rod and pony rod
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sucker rod and pony rod

Latest company news about sucker rod and pony rod

Sucker rods


Sucker rod is an important part of a sucker rod pumping system. Sucker rod connect with couplings to be a rod string, and up through polished rod connect on the pumping unit or PCP motor, down connect on the pump piston or PCP. Its role is to ground the reciprocating movement of the pumping unit horsehead suspension point is passed to the downhole pump or pass the rotation of the PCP motor torque to downhole PCP.

Sucker rod is manufactured according to API Spec 11B, rod grade is available in C, D and H. Sucker rod is developed to suit for artificial lift oil production in oil deep well.

Sucker rod

A string or solid or hollow tubular that is moved by a pump jack at the surface to operate a rod pump at the bottom of the well.

Pony rod

A short rod for spacing out a rod string.


Sucker rod size

SN Normal size in(mm) Dia. of coated rod (mm) Wrench section width (mm) Wrench section Length (mm) OD of Male thread step (mm) Nipple neck length of ascension(mm)
1 5/8(16) 19 27 28 37 127
2 3/4(19) 22 29 28 43 127
3 7/8(22) 25 29 28 45 127
4 1(25) 28 39 28 55 127
5 1 1/8(29) 32 43 37 60 127


latest company news about sucker rod and pony rod  0latest company news about sucker rod and pony rod  1