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Company News About Thread Protector
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Thread Protector

Latest company news about Thread Protector

Thread protectors are used frequently in the oil and gas industry to protect pipe threads during transportation to the oil and gas fields. Thread protectors are generally manufactured from plastic or steel.

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Our thread protectors are the necessary counterpart of casing, tubing, drill pipe to protect the thread and connection from measurably impacting in transportation and loading and unloading.

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Our thread protectors are used for , tubing, drill pipe with size from 2-3/8 to 20 in, for thread connections of BTC, STC, LTC, EUE, NUE, NC, IF, FH, REG, PH-6, XT, HT-PAC, etc., also with different colors as required by clients.


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* Some premium thread protector can be made, like PH6, HT-PAC, XT39, etc.
* Color can be customized.
* 100 % customer satisfaction for Quality and Reliability.
* After machining all thread protectors undergo 100% thread inspection.
* Both plastic and steel material can be made.
* Both heavy duty type and light type thread protectors can be made.