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Company News About Thread protectors
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Thread protectors

Latest company news about Thread protectors

The Thread Protectors are designed to provide protection to the connections during transportation, to prevent debris from entering the threads and tube body. The threads are made in such a manner that they cover all the threads of the connections and prevent the thread protector from stripping or vibrating loose.

Thread protectors are used for protecting the thread of drill pipes, drill collars, drill subs and oil casing pipe and tubing pipe.

We can produce the thread protectors of NC connections, REG connections, IF connections, FH connections and many premium connections.


Thread protectors material:

Full plastic


Plastic & steel


Full plastic thread protectors are mainly for drilling tools and can be produced in any colour; Our plastic thread protectors is CNC machined type, not moulded. CNC machined plastic thread protectors can ensure a perfect fit with no risk of shrinkage and leaving enough of a gap for grease.

Steel thread protectors are also for drilling tools.

Plastic & steel thread protectors are for oil tubing pipe and casing pipe use. Plastic & steel thread protectors size is available from 2 3/8 to 30.

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